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The good sorting gestures

reduiredechets-astuces1Please, place always your domestic recyclable packaging higgledy-piggledy in the yellow bin!


  • Dairy products pots (yoghourts, fresh cream), polystyrene packaging, overpackaging, plastic bags and films are not to be thrown in the yellow bin but dumped in bag in your green, blue or garnet-colored container.
  • Bulbs, crockery, pieces of earthenware are also to be put in bag and thrown in the green, blue or garnet-colored bin and not in the collective containers for glass voluntary deposits.
  • It is useless to wash the packaging; it is enough to empty them or to scrape them so that they do not make dirty the rest of the contents of the yellow bin.
  •  On the occasion of your purchases, prefer products without useless overpackaging.
  • Use eco-refills.
  • Favour the long-lasting packed products or re-usable ones.
  • Prefer a shopping bag or a reusable bag for your shopping instead of the disposable bags.


The “Stop Pub” stickers are available in your city hall and also on phone request or by email.

You can join a move of solidarity with the association « les bouchons d’amour » created and sponsored by Jean Marie BIGARD. This association purpose is to collect exclusively the stoppers of soft drinks, water, milk and fruit juices bottles in order to acquire equipment for disabled persons. Find here the points of collection of our territory and all the additional information.

To fight against the excessive advertisements in your letterboxes, we suggest you affixing on it the sticker STOP PUB. Acting so, you will inform the distributors you do not wish to receive leaflets (with the exception of the information from the communities) and you will so contribute to reduce the tonnages of paper to be dealt with and to be recycled.